Listen// Ice cool track from Sad Palace

Indie-pop outfit drops cool gem with a killer hook.

Everybody who isn’t a fish loves a good hook. That’s why modern indie-pop is packed full of them, each trying its hardest to pierce the noise and catch a fanbase.

Among the noise, Sad Palace has managed to produce a killer hook in Frostbeat that is so cool and memorable that it ultimately wins out. True to its title, the track is a soulful gem built on icy grooves and jazzy breaks underpinned by one of the coolest, slickest indie riffs of 2017. It takes everything traditionally good about contemporary indie and sets it sailing on an icy breeze of cool effects.

To add a stroke of artistry to the music, the track is produced to perfection and manages to not only echo the sentiment of the song, but also amplify it. The track’s production, with its expansive soundscape and reverb-exploiting deliveries, reflects the sense of loneliness that the lyrcis share.

On the track, the band has said that “Frostbeat was written in the spirit of loneliness that I think everyone experiences at some point. When the desire for intimacy with someone shapes the way you look at people around you, you start to overthink every interaction as if an encounter with a stranger could lead to something deeply meaningful, in a way that satisfies your desire. [It’s] kind of selfish in a way.

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