Premiere// HighSchool Jacob – E Flat

Reminisce on love with new electropop gem.

It’s not every day that simply hearing a drum pack will be enough to inspire you to write one of 2017’s most emotive, soulful and lustful electropop gems. Yet that’s just what happened with HighSchool Jacob with brand new single Eb Song (E Flat).

Taking electropop synth washes and mixing them in with altpop percussion lines, the track at its most basic level is an infectious pop song. But the real power comes from the empassioned vocal deliveries and seductive style, which drives home the wistful wonder of the instrumentation. HighSchool Jacob delivers a showstopping vocal performance that makes the lustful recollection of old flames shine brighter than any other song could.

Jacob also had a few things to say about the track, stating it “was oddly written around some strange sounds I found in a random drum pack I downloaded a while ago. I decided to take these sounds and loop them together until I discovered a clear structure and tone, which culminated in the dancey and eclectic chorus…I’m happy with how light and fun the song turned out to be after coming from such a unusual start.

“The lyrics depict someone reflecting on a past relationship and being surprised at how great their ex could be doing without them. The chorus is coated in rose tinted nostalgia as the person telling the story recalls how much both people were attracted to each other and how desperate he used to be at wanting to impress them.”

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