Playlist// The best tracks of April 2017

From cynical indie-pop to high-octane dance, these are the best tracks of April 2017.

A playlist of the best music from new artists in April 2017

Coast Modern – Pockets full of no

From a loose hip-hop beat to bubbly synth lines, everything about Pockets full of No is perfectly tuned to instantly hit up a positive feeling. It’s a feelgood, summer-ready track that spreads the message of not letting limited cashflow limit your life.

Read the full feature here.

Pleasure House – Calm

Calm is punk in a very traditional sense. With that said, the guitarwork on the track is infinitely more impressive and the band has an innate musical talent that seeps through with every note and nuance of melody.

Read the full feature here.


Jared Mees – I Believe

Mees sells himself more as a poet than a musician, though it’s difficult to pick one particular side that shines through brighter on I Believe. The music serves as little more than a vehicle of forward momentum and it is the lyrics that serve to capture interest and engage listeners, telling a story and sharing a feeling of relief.

Read the full feature here.


Two Islands – Heaven

Driven predominately by an electropop beat with funky bass rhythms, crystalline synth notes and interjections by a funked up guitar, Heaven is arguably the most infectious song of the year so far. Think a little bit like Jungle, but with more energy and momentum in their music.

Read the full feature here.


Karms – We always lose

We Always Lose is a delicious slice of infectious indie-pop with jagged guitar tones and jovial rhythms. Reinforced with a hard-hitting singalong chorus and an even more chant-inspiring bridge, this is the kind of song that every indie band will dream of writing when they start out.

Read the full feature here.

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