Listen: Heaven is a place in Liverpool

Liverpool pop outfit Two Islands drops infectious single.


Liverpool is one of the UK’s finest manufacturers of high quality music and it has been for decades. It’s almost as if something in the Mersey brings out the innermost creativity and musical talent in those who inhabit the nearby area, producing outfits that dominate the world with little more than a tune in mind and a guitar in hand.

That is, until now. Two Islands has ditched the guitar focus and amped up the pop appeal, with Heaven proving to be arguably the most infectious song of the year so far. Driven predominately by an electropop beat with funky bass rhythms, crystalline synth notes and interjections by a funked up guitar. Think a little bit like Jungle, but with more energy and momentum in their music.

Heaven is a track you need to get an earful of today, before it makes mainstream radio and indie-club rounds in about one month.

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