Listen: A song of life

Jared Mees takes on faith, life and death in new single.


Six minutes. That’s all it will take for Jared Mees to get inside your head with latest single I Believe. We’re not just talking musically either – the track is a lavish lyrical journey that will take you inside your own system of beliefs.

Mees sells himself more as a poet than a musician, though it’s difficult to pick one particular side that shines through brighter on I Believe. The instrumentation is uninspired but inspirational – it doesn’t necessarily have a distinct sound, but what it creates is perfectly fitting for the lyrics and the tone.

As the track’s narrator seeks for a sense of identity and a personal set of beliefs, the music serves as little more than a vehicle of forward momentum. It is the lyrics that serve to capture interest and engage listeners, telling a story and sharing a feeling of relief in a way that is inimitable. Mees has crafted a work of art so perfect that words fail to do it justice. It must be listened to and pondered on to be truly appreciated.

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