Listen: A beautiful Time Lapse

There is no stopping pop duo Mushroom People.


It is quite possible that Mushroom People have caffeine for blood. The duo, who only formed in November 2016, has just released the compelling pop number Time Lapse, the first single from the eponymous debut album that was released in March 2017. This band simply will not stop.

Then again, one listen to Time Lapse and you wouldn’t especially want them to. With a subdued electronic verse structure and a bubblingly energetic main hook that plays off a strong vocal sample melody, the duo seems to have a grasp on modern pop music that is rare in many emerging artists.

Yet even better is the choice of vocalist. The third-party vocalist (who wishes to remain anonymous) brings a sultry voice to the mix that adds in just the right timbre and tonality to balance out the mix and add depth, creating a listening experience that really hits the mark. It’s fair to say that Mushroom People rushed to get this release out, as six months is almost no time at all from conception to release. But if this is the band writing in a rush, we can’t wait to see what it’s like when this outfit takes its time.

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