Listen: A song full of yes

Coast Modern’s latest single is a positive anthem to having no money.


Money does not make the world go round. If you are somebody who agrees with this message, then Coast Modern has just dropped the perfect soundtrack to your summer. Pockets full of No is a indie-hop gem that brings good vibes to a lyrical subject that is traditionally best suited to blues.

From a loose hip-hop beat to bubbly synth lines, everything about the single is perfectly tuned to instantly hit up a positive feeling. Add in a cheery, slightly-drawled vocal delivering a sermon about the world needing “a little more green and a little less plastic” and you’ll be pretty much up to date on what to expect from the single. It’s a feelgood, summer-ready track that spreads the message of not letting limited cashflow limit your life.

Or, as the band itself says, “Pockets is a song about having fun with no money. When you got pockets full of no you can still have a life full of YESSSS.

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