Listen// Your thoughts during a breakup

Sheare gives overthinking the electropop treatment in new single.

Anybody who has ever been through a breakup knows that the mind has a tendency to run in circles on the events that transpired, processing them in varying depths until you’re driven to extremes such as depression or, worse, drunk texting. Well, if you’re not ready to admit that you have a problem with overthinking your recent breakup, Sheare is here to speak to you on an electro-emotional level.

New single RIP is a synth-spun ode to this very predicament. Using the track as a cathartic release from his own post-breakup thoughts, Sheare has poured himself into what is undeniably a much darker electropop track than we’re used to from him. This is reflected in the instrumentation, which is almost non-existent for much of the track while the vocals detail every emotion and thought process that the narrator is experiencing.

In many ways, this is a pretty artistic representation of how it feels to be replaying the split over and over mentally – even down to the repetition playing a key role in the chorus. It’s something to think about, rather than an ex.

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