Interview// Sandro Cavazza

Following the release of his debut EP, we chat with pop’s next star.

Interview with the best new pop artist, Sandro Cavazza

Sandro Cavazza is about to be on everyone’s radar. Having dropped a couple of killer pop singles earlier this year, the artist finally dropped his debut EP on April 28. Here, we find out a little bit about the newest name that is set to be on everyone’s tongue.

How did your musical journey begin?
“With songwriting, it changed my life.”

What’s the songwriting process like for you? Where do you draw your inspiration from?
“I draw inspiration from life to put in songs and from other forms of art.”

What has the reception been to the singles so far?
“For me it has been fantastic. I think people have shown appreciation and dedication to the music.”

When we listened to ‘What It Feels Like’, we questioned whether it was the debut single of the decade. How did that song come about?
“I am honored if you guys thought that. It came out of a good session with me, Mike, Ginny and Dhani. I felt I was able to write honest lyrics with them and they truly did their magic with the production and we naturally came up with a call and response thing with the String-melody.”

Was the song challenging to develop musically? It’s very unique from an instrumental perspective.
“Yes. I had many turns in deciding when I felt the production was 100%. Even though I don’t produce, I always know what I want a song to feel like so I was picky with this one.”

How do the songs that you’ve released so far represent the overall sound and feel of your self-titled EP?
“Good. I believe now more than ever it is a song by song world we’re living in. I am just looking for great songs really, and want to be free with releasing whatever genre I feel like at the moment, but there will always be a red-thread leading back to my songwriting.”

What is your favourite track on the EP and why?
“I can’t really say I have one favorite, it’s like saying on color in a painting is better than the other. I like them all equally, otherwise they wouldn’t be on my EP!”

What is the strangest thing that has ever happened to you at a show?
“…Well, it was really crazy to play for the pope and seeing him with the cardinals being driven around in a golf car inside the arena!”

What would you say makes you stand out?
“Well, everyone’s unique so I’m just amplifying my unique sides and being honest in my writing.”

What’s next for you?
“I’ll have some exciting collaborations coming out soon and other than that I’m working on writing new and better songs all the time. This summer I’ll be playing a few shows in Sweden as well.”

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