The best of… August 2016

If you only listen to five songs today, make it these.


colouring about you artworkColouring – About You
If you’re in the mood for some carefree pop with a strong focus on melody, rhythm and general danceability, then Colouring‘s About You is the track for you.

It is a song that, simply, is what it is. There are no real musical surprises here (other than the rareness of layered vocals in a dance track), just feel-good vibes and euphoric highs. Read the full review here.


Kobadelta – Bathshebakobadelta bathsheba
For those who like it rough, Kobadelta‘s unrelenting new (free to download) single Bathsheba is the perfect blend of brutally raw and radio-readily refined.

The band take no prisoners and infectious repeat vocal lines and musical riffs to make Bathsheba unforgettable. This is a single designed to make your ears bleed, in a good way. Read the full review here.


mantra destroy you artworkMantra – Destroy You
Despite the title, Mantra‘s Destroy You isn’t a metal or even intense rock song. Instead, it’s a little bit like early Muse combined with late-nineties Radiohead. Of course, it’s not lilting indie walk in the musical park – it does feature some pretty intense distortion. But it’s still moderately easy listening for lighter rock fans.

Read the full review here.


Nicky Venus – Off The Recordnicky venus off the record artwork
Electropop is great, right? Funk is pretty good too, huh? Well if you combine them both in a test tube and leave it to grow with Depeche Mode playing in the background, you get Nicky Venus‘ killer new single Off The Record.

It’s a retro-inspired take on the popular stylings of modern times, with the added bonus of secrecy as a topic. Read the full review here.


baba ali nomad artworkBaba Ali – Cog In The Wheel
What is there to say about Baba Ali‘s experimental new single Cog In The Wheel? Baba Ali truly pushes the boundaries of what is typically accepted in pop music and creates a vocal sample-driven track that is undeniably unique and exceptionally infectious.

Experimentalism, pop, ambient, easy-listening and jazz all blend beautifully, despite what you might think. Read the full review here.

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