Annabel Allum’s call to action

Experimental pop-rock artist delivers rousing call to action in new video.


We’ve written before about how Annabel Allum is an unusually unique artist, with her musical stylings being just one aspect of that. Well, she’s just dropped the video to her recent single Tricks and it is equally as interesting and mystifying as the woman herself.

It is an interesting video for a couple of reasons. For one, it is artfully shot and directed and, from experience, most artistic music videos lack a strong message that serves as a call to action. Of course, they do have messages, but it is rarely one that is immediately actionable.

Equally, Annabel’s message is a call to realisation and, as such, doesn’t have one defining meaning. In other words, each listener will take a completely different interpretation of what she is trying to incite and inspire – which, fundamentally, follows the idea of people needing to discover their own sense of identity. The call is to not be confined to the boring monotony (or, at least, unwillingness to enjoy the thrill of playing tricks) of “the other kids”, and it’s a call that the world so desperately needs.

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