Baba Ali’s New Cog in the Wheel

An unusually glorious example of soul-infused looping.


Baba Ali is a young unsigned singer song-writer and producer whose single ‘Cog in the Wheel’ is a feature track on his upcoming album Nomad. This album collectively is described as ‘soulful’ and his lyrical themes throughout the music are from obviously personal experiences, which might initially sound quite at odds with the industrial-esque implications of the title.

Admittedly, the industrialism does extend marginally beyond the title. Industrial-esque soundscapes build underneath the vocal melody, developing from a single looped rhythm into a complex amalgamation of sounds. Despite this, the song keeps a soulful edge with funky-layered vocals and looped bass motifs. The track grows in body as it continues on with the continual addition of background noise and different synths intertwining.

What’s more, the constant beat definitely makes this a strong piece of music that gets you feeling pumped up and ready for the day.

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