Colouring those words about you

The band’s own version of a pop-meets-dance anthem.

Colouring are a group formerly known as OSCA that produce music that is a delightful combination of pop, electronic and underground. The four-piece take inspiration from the likes of James Blake and Jamie XX and say their new single About You is their own version of a fun dance anthem.

Colouring have given the song a cool techno style with funky synth melodies that sit on top of the up-tempo piano and bass drum beat that initially hit out that memorable dance rhythm. The vocals are clean and, with such a distinctive voice, the cool and simple tones are incredibly effective.

The chorus is exactly what you’d expect a dance track to be: catchy with simple lyrics so that everyone will pick it up quickly and be singing along to get into the party mood. Though the band aren’t satisfied with just delivering a singalong anthem, so they add in some layered vocal harmonies to the bridge to add something a little bit different. After all, we’ve all heard catchy choruses in dance tracks before – but how often do you hear vocal layering?

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