A video to tell everybody about

Andy Biddle and Sian Cross make a beautifully eerie artistic statement.


Sian Cross is a London-based singer-songwriter, whose eclectic – and somehow distinctly British – mix of soul, folk, pop and electronica has been slowly but surely gathering steam over the past couple of years with the steady release of well-received singles and videos.

Yet her latest track, Tell Anybody, is perhaps her ambitious and fully realised yet; beginning as a majestic ballad backed by tasteful synth strings and ethereal synths (the kind of sound that wouldn’t be out of place on Radiohead’s recent A Moon Shaped Pool), the song then takes a left turn and descends into a manic, almost desperate flurry of drum rhythms and wailing keyboard melodies – echoing the inner turmoil of the song’s conflicted lyrics.

However, it’s the accompanying video that ultimately makes the track something special: animated by Andy Biddle, best known for his work on Wes Anderson’s feature film Fantastic Mr. Fox, the piece echoes and explores Tell Anybody’s relatable themes of secrecy and denial; the idea that one cannot find peace by pushing away part of their identity or history, however dark it may be. It’s eerie, touching and artfully directed, and a welcome indicator of both Biddle and Cross’ ever-expanding creative reach.

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