Kobadelta are merciless on new single

Latest single ‘Bathsheba’ is a ruthlessly intense alt-rock gem of brooding glory.


Most people have an innermost desire to just absolutely lose control and abandon inhibitions once in a while. It’s why everybody goes out on a weekend and why a rising number of us have problems understandings with alcohol. Likewise, it’s why Bathsheba, the latest heavyweight single from Kobadelta, works so well – it’s a relentless aural assault that allows four minutes of whatever the fuck you feel like.

Every instrument is amplified to an apocalyptic rumble, from the brutally primal-force of the drums to the bassline that is so deep and all-encompassing that it is core to – and almost indistinguishable from – the destructive atmosphere of the track. Then there’s the vocal, which pierces through with a mix of passionate momentum and paced monotony. The end result is an experience that channels the intensity of Kurt Cobain into a mid-tempo storm of hellfire that only Kobadelta could produce.

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