Cries in the tree-tops

Stalgia’s vocals pull through on new track


People say that being able to produce a full studio quality track from your bedroom is a positive thing. This may be correct, but so many of the tracks are using the same sounds that they form more of an all consuming amorphous blob than a genre.

Every so often though, one of these tracks will have a saving grace that helps it to stand out – with Stalgia’s In The Trees, the vocal melody is that saving grace. Smooth yet staccato, Lauren Day’s vocals occupy a space somewhere between original All Saints and ambient R&B, all while being so silky smooth that they drift in and out of the instrumental.

Oh, the instrumental itself is nothing to get excited about – trap drums, drifting synths, waif-like guitar tones. It’s what you’ve come to expect. Stalgia have the potential to remove themselves from the homogenized mess of Soundcloud if they actually think about it. Let’s hope they do.

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