Deep house – but not as you know it

Deep Dark Blue make deep house more vibrant on new single.


Deep Dark Blue‘s newest single Been Here Once Before is one of those glorious tracks that leaves you questioning everything in the best possible way.

The track screams deep house upon first listen, but has you questioning its conventionality numerous times down the line. Indeed, delving deeper into the track, it is clear how deep house as a genre hasn’t been strictly adhered to stylistically, rather using it to create a sound more vibrant and remarkable.

By layering guitar riffs and drum solos on top of unchanging synth beats, Deep Dark Blue are able to give the single musical substance in the form of complex rhythms and pieces that otherwise would seem an unusual choice when partnered together. However, intrinsically, it is this clash of sounds that adds a crisp sharpness to the record, which is oddly relaxing.

This calming nature is prominent throughout due to the almost soulful vocals that feature in the single. Consequently, Been Here Once Before carries an air of psychedelia thanks to the looped perpetual beats that linger to provide some sense of musical stability.

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