Playlist// Best new music – July 2017

July 2017’s hottest new tracks.

SPINN – Notice Me

Notice Me feels like a track straight out of the mid-noughties in its infectious indie-pop simplicity. Think The View or The Coral, but more modern.

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Tusks – Dissolve

A powerful after-midnight ballad and one that immerses the listener in a world of texture built into expansive pop soundscapes.

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Secret Weapons – Comeback Season

More like a singalong hymn designed to inspire listeners than another outright hit. It provides a good change of pace for the band.

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Pierre Andrews – Beautiful Moment

An infectious tropically-infused pop single with masterful production and a solid beat, which complements Andrews’ stunning vocals.

Read more here.


Stockholm Noir – Boy Like A Girl

Propelled by a marching beat and punctuated by hypnotic vocals that soar through ambient synths, this trance track does everything right.

Read more here.


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