Listen// A new kind of Stockholm syndrome

New single from Stockholm Noir is trance perfection.

Trance as a genre seems to have disappeared in the last fifteen years or so. Luckily, Stockholm Noir hasn’t given up on the scene – which is why infectious new single Boy Like A Girl is the perfect mindnumbing (in a good way) track to put the genre back on the musical map.

At just under five minutes long, this isn’t your typical electronic number. It’s a track ideally suited to listening in the dead of night, when you reach peak tiredness/inebriation and simply need something to lose yourself in. Propelled by a marching beat and punctuated only by hypnotic vocals that soar through the ambient wash of synths, the track does everything right.

Stockholm Noir even manages to work in lyrical subject matter that immediately modernises the track. Touching on the very 21st century topic of gender identity and social perceptions, it’s enough to make this track distinct from the trance of days gone by.

It’s minimalistic, memorable and completely mesmerising: the perfect formula for a consuming sense of immersion that brings a new meaning to the term stockholm syndrome.

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