Review// Tisoki – Time Travel EP

A dubstep gem just in time for summer festivals.

Time Travel is the latest release from Tisoki, the young Norwich-based producer who has spent the last year or so steadily but surely carving out a distinct niche for himself in the crowded electronic music scene by incorporating an eclectic mix of influences into his bass-heavy sound.

Throughout the EP’s four tracks, Tisoki manages to keep his feet firmly planted in the dubstep arena whilst making each song distinct and memorable; the largely instrumental, dub-tinged opening track Time Travel gets things off to an energetic start with aggressive whirring synths and a beat so forceful you can almost feel it bursting in your chest.

Want U 2 Know, meanwhile, is this set’s obvious pop single, featuring an expressive, heavily processed vocal hook and layers of bleeping futuristic keyboards over a restless scattering beat. The immaculately produced track glides along at a pace just unhurried enough to let you take all dense instrumentation in, before ending in a restrained fashion thanks to a surprisingly serene piano melody.

The dirty grime number Stussin is made for the dancefloor, with metallic synth lines and lumbering beat that are just crying out to be played at the peak hours of a dancehall night. However, closing number Haunted by You brings the all-too-short release to a close in a calmer, more reflective manner. The song is built around woozy synths and a busy-yet-subtle drum beat that give the track a very ‘end of the night’ feel befitting its placement in the track list – in fact, the entire EP can be taken as a condensed, four-track party from beginning to end.

Time Travel is an impressive piece of work from a young producer still very early on his career, and dubstep fans everywhere should be elated that this gem of a release has dropped just in time for the British summer festival season.

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