Listen// Take notice of SPINN

New track is a shimmering throwback to mid-noughties indie.

In what feels simultaneously like a lifetime ago and also like it was yesterday, it has been more than ten years since indie ruled the radio roost with acts like Arctic Monkeys, The Coral and The Libertines. While indie certainly hasn’t died since then, it’s no longer got the same punchy prowess it once did.

Cue SPINN, an outfit determined to change that. The band excels in the type of jangly, shimmering, pop-flirting indie that made the genre so dominant in charts a decade ago. In fact, latest single Notice Me feels like a track straight out of the mid-noughties in its infectious simplicity.

Like all the greats, it is concise, unrelenting and powerful. There is little doubt that this will become an indie classic that, in ten years time, we will be pointing to as the start of something special.

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