Listen// Experience a beautiful pop moment

Second single from Pierre Andrews is chilled perfection.

Imagine this: you’re about to drop your second single. Your first went down quite well, but you’re aware that the second needs to be flawless to really cement you as one to watch. You produce a solid beat that is rich in texture and perfectly produced, but now you’ve got the challenge of delivering vocals that fit the bill. No pressure.

This is exactly the situation that Pierre Andrews seems to have found himself in on second single Beautiful Moment, an infectious tropically-infused pop single with masterful production and a solid beat. The track is so instrumentally strong that any vocalist would be hard-pressed to give a worthy vocal performance.

Fortunately, Andrews is nothing if not resourceful. Enlisting singer J Sabin to provide the vocalwork, the vocal track is bursting with energy, confidence and a life of its own. Sabin’s voice strikes a rare emotive balance between tender and self-assured, while also managing to deliver flawless melodies that gel with the atmospheric instrumentation to create moments of pure elation. Listen no further than the chorus and subsequent drop to really get the full picture of this.

As second tracks go, Andrews couldn’t have asked for a better voice-instrumentation combination than this.

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