The best of… November 2016

The best new music to drop in November 2016.


sophie-and-the-bom-boms-going-for-the-heart-epSophie and the Bom Boms – Swim

For as good as S&TBBs has been this year, the outfit’s EP topped that. However, it was closing number Swim that had the greatest impact. Bringing fun time electro vibes to the trademark bratpop the band has long excelled at, this track not only marks the end of 2016 for the band but also the start of a new age of brilliance.

Read the full review of the EP here.


nvdesNVDES ft Oliver Tree – My Mind Is

NVDES has been blowing up recently and nothing explains this popularity explosion better than My Mind Is. Characterised by intense drums, infectious synth hooks and relentless pacing, this collaboration with Oliver Tree is among the best releases of the year. When the output is this good, it’s no surprise NVDES is on a path to the top.

Read the full review here.


cigarettes-after-sex-kCigarettes After Sex – K.

Easily the most heartbreaking song to drop in 2016. Cigarettes After Sex is a band that excels in sending shivers down your spine and tingles up your arms with every single syllable. K. is a masterclass in emotive musical arrangements and vulnerability, with every sound designed to cause listeners to unload their emotional baggage. Powerful, powerful stuff.

Read the full review here.


the-regrettes-seashore-coverThe Regrettes – Seashore

Feminism has widely been pushed by punk musicians over the past couple of decades, from 70s female-empowerment to the Riot Grrrl movement. The Regrettes serve as a brilliant modern revival of the musical feminist, building on a bed of punk-esque instrumentation with pop harmonies and subdued verses. It’s the kick up the ass that was long overdue.

Read the full review here.


skott-lack-of-emotion-cover-artworkSkott – Lack of Emotion

A brilliantly dramatic slice of pop that hits all the marks, Skott‘s Lack of Emotion is the pop single that 2016 has needed. It uses the hallmark pop formula and advances it, combining elements such as vocal sampling with pleasantly disruptive spoken segments. This is a single that oozes power and effectiveness from every note and tone, with even the lightest touch having a big impact. A masterful move from Skott.

Read the full review here.


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