Perfectly rounded pop

New single from Skott is the pop track to end all pop tracks.


It’s pretty much a given in pop music that you don’t need to make a perfectly well-rounded track so long as one particular aspect is exceptional. A vocalist with a stunning voice, for example, seldom puts as much majesty into their instrumentation (see Adele as a good point of reference). Even if it is an instrument that is noteworthy, the rest will tend to fall into the background and be excessively ordinary.

That is why Skott‘s latest single Lack of Emotion is a turning point in the pop scene. The Scandinavian star herself is a marvellous vocals, full of immaculate melody and – almost ironically – emotion. But here, the instrumentation is equally brilliant. Shuffling percussion rhythms make for an effective contemporary pop vibe, while the elegant string sections and understated by essential guitarwork keep everything ticking over into the realms of exceptional.

Yet even more impressive is that it all slots together into a coherent experience that doesn’t just feel like an amalgamation of good things. Instead, Skott presents us with a track that grows and evolves from potent pop into something that is undeniably unique. This isn’t a pop song in the traditional sense: it blends virtually every imaginable genre into one heart-winning, chart-sitting formula that might make Skott the most talented popstar of recent times.

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