The new music scene needs NVDES

Electrorock/electropop outfit drops killer new single featuring Oliver Tree.


NVDES is a project that you are about to hear a lot more about. They’re on the verge of releasing their debut EP, Life With Lobsters, and seem to be on the right tracks for a global music takeover. At least, that’s the impression you’ll get from listening to their latest single, My Mind Is.

It’s a flawless and distinct blend of The White Stripes, Gorillaz, Nine Inch Nails and the musical vision of any artist that hopes to take the world. Yet to compare it to any of these artists is to do the single a disservice – the single, and most material offered by the band so far, is without direct comparison. It is a refreshing rush of adrenaline and pop competency, building on all of pop’s previous successes in a new and exciting way. Subtly psychedelic guitars make perfect musical counterparts with funked up drums and synths laced with late-nineties vibes, all of which is packaged in a confidently upbeat delivery.

What NVDES and Oliver Tree have found on this single is a promising sign for the future of pop.

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