Neon Indie and Shoegaze

New single from Seeing Hands make spacious indie guitars great again.


It’s not much of a secret that we have a bitterness towards most indie-leaning music that belongs too much in the shoegaze-esque camp. However, Seeing Hands has changed that with new single I Knew You, which dials down the obnoxious phase effects many bands opt for and instead feels like four minutes of blissful lucid dreams inspired by Neon Indian.

The beauty of the track comes from one very simple, yet critical, factor. That is the band’s musical prowess. Aside from a clear understanding of the dynamics and structure of writing an infectious indie-pop track, Seeing Hands has a knack for crafting sublime soundscapes that wind for miles and miles of dreamy echo. This clearly shows as the vocals play a very minimal role in the song. Instead, the guitars are left to lead the track — which is particularly effective during the solo-esque bridge at 2:30.

Seeing Hands: making dreampop great again.

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