The Bots – ‘All I Really Want’ Review

It’s happening. It’s finally, finally happening. The Bots are set to release their debut album, ‘Pink Palms’, on October 13. Any long term follower of us will know that we’ve been big fans of the band for a long time, so we’re pretty happy with this news!

To get us all back in the mood for some post-punk mayhem, the brothers Lei have dropped their first track from the album. ‘All I Really Want’ is a little bit different to anything we’ve heard from the band before. It’s got the same raw punk energy that we’ve all grown to love and respect the duo for, but it’s characterised primarily by its spoken word verses.

The spoken word is something of a grey area in music. Sometimes it can make for some amazing songs, sometimes it’s a bit so-so, and other times it’s totally atrocious and should never have been attempted. Luckily this track pulls off the spoken word well: detailing the humdrum boredom and monotony of modern life. And it makes the bursts of punk hooks even more explosive, which makes the song even more of a moshpit-inducing anthem.

The only issue with the track? It’s too good to be enjoyed responsibly. There’s far too much time left until the album is released for our liking, and even the song itself isn’t out until August 26. We NEED to hear more. As a result, we’re probably responsible for about 100 plays on this song in the last ten hours. Oops.
Just for the sake of ease for all of us, the track is below. Since you’ll probably be here a while, here’s a cat for company.


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