Video: The Bots – ‘All I Really Want’

Sometimes a music video is just perfect, and nothing can ever be done to improve. Take a look at Blur’s video for ‘Coffee & TV’; it’s perfect. Likewise, The Bots’ amazing new video for their amazing new track ‘All I Really Want’ is so good it’s unreal.

We’ve praised the track before for being great (and did so in the show too), but the video is just as good and is the most internetty video we’ve ever watched. It’s born completely of the internet culture that the brother have grown up with, and which is mentioned briefly in the song’s lyrics. Taking the form of somebody scrolling through a Buzzfeed-type site called Botsfeed, the video is a series of gifs that play to the song’s lyrics.

The most brilliant part of it, though, is the use of gifs for the song’s breakdown. Where most bands use jam footage for these sections, The Bots stick in live performance gifs. Brilliant. You can watch it all below.

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