Coasts – ‘A Rush Of Blood’ Review

It’s a massive risk for a band, at any stage, to have a sudden change in musical direction. It can alienate and devastate fans and cause momentum to die. This is about 10x worse for bands that are gradually establishing themselves and coming through, being a bit like career suicide.

Given that the last I heard of Coasts was ‘Oceans’, ‘A Rush Of Blood’ comes as a huge change of pace. A lot more soft-alternative than their former self-defined ’emo’ sound, it’s a song that confused and shocked me upon first listening – but in all the good ways. Because, of course, any genre alteration can be validated if the change leads to an anthem. And ‘A Rush Of Blood’ has all the makings of a crowd-pleasing anthem that will push the band to new heights.

Opening with a distinct key hook that sounds a bit like a piano that got surgically attached to a straight key, it doesn’t take long before the song sets about building up to the powerhouse chorus. Bursting out from the almost-Keane styled build, the chorus is a massive rush of adrenaline (or blood…hahaha, puns…sorry) that creates a breeding ground for euphoric singalongs. It’s a beautiful moment, and the song sticks to quite a pop structure to help this chorus be the focal point of the song.

‘A Rush Of Blood’ has already caused the band to get noticed by and airplay from Zane Lowe, so it’s a definite sign of good things to come for the band. Coasts are set to explode if this is anything to go by – and we’re eagerly awaiting the EP release!


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