The Byzantines – ‘Colourvision’ EP Review


It feels like a lifetime ago that Kasabian first stormed into the mainstream with their ballsy brand of electro-rock that stomped out their peers. They were fresh, exciting and had the rare ability to live up to the hype that many – including themselves – perpetuated.

Fast forward to the here and now and we’re mourning over the husk of their latest album. Luckily, Australia’s The Byzantines are here – ready to emerge triumphantly from the cremated ashes of 48:13. And ‘Colourvision’ is the perfect EP to do that, showing everything that the band is capable of and everything 48:13 should have been.

The EP opens with a burst of synth and tremolo-picked guitars, before the Tom Meighan soundalike vocals come in and you immediately think you’re listening to an unreleased Kasabian song from 2009. ‘Colourvision Football Club’ is the track, and it’s one you’ll definitely be listening to again soon. It’s a catchy electro-rock anthem that epitomises the whole EP.

It’s a release packed full of big choruses, epic synths and stadium-ready hooks. These are songs that are perfect in their form, structure and delivery. From the Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds styled chorus of ‘Punch On’ to the brass-coloured electro-jazz swamp that is ‘Cats Got Boots’ this EP covers a lot of ground, all in the right direction.

It’s an EP you need to get your hands on, get your ears around and other clichéd phrases that mean you should listen right away. In fact, we’ll speed you on your way: you can listen to highlight track ‘Black Teardrop Woman’ below, and you can buy the EP here. It’s free if you want it to be, but it deserves to be paid for.


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