The Sons – ‘I’m Not Happy’ Review

The Sons

A far cry from the Elton John-styled twinklings of ‘Relic’, ‘I’m Not Happy’ is an upbeat sounding summer tune that thinly veils some neurotic meltdown lyrics. In other words, it’s an indie classic.

The guitar hook is incredibly catchy, sounding like somebody force-fed a telecaster some helium, and the bass is beautifully complimenting – adding a subtle groove to the track that never detracts from the guitarwork. It’s got all the makings of an indie hit, with the type of catchy hook and feel-good vibes that indie artists would die for.

But let’s not draw attention away from the troubling part of this track: The Sons aren’t happy. This is the sound of somebody heading slowly to emotional devastation by way of melancholy, and it’s out there for the world to hear. But that’s okay, there’s some nice chirpy guitars and near-falsetto vocals, so everything sounds good and happy right? RIGHT?

I hope you all enjoy dancing to someone’s sadness, you sadists.


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