Jekyll – ‘Jekyll’ EP Review

Jekyll’s self-titled EP is a powerful work of alt-rock, coated in the angst of grunge without sounding dated. It’s a pretty impressive release, and one that any alt-rock fan will enjoy.

The EP’s opening is brilliant. First track ‘I Do What I Can’ has an explosive start, giving the feeling that the EP would have broke free of the pause button regardless of whether you hit play or not. And the track itself is massive, a huge uplifting piece that really gets you ready for an exciting journey. Our full review of the track can be found here.

‘Eager To Please’ is a much darker and bass-heavy assault on the senses. While the guitars still play a powerful role, this track is much less in your face and instead prompts you to sway into it’s sinister swirl for the most part. That said, it’s chorus is just as big. Fans of You Me At Six’s first album (you know, when they were still Youmeatsix) will love this – from the dark beginning to tribal chant outro.

Jekyll lose their way a little bit on ‘Scream’, with a track that sounds like it’d be right at home on Foo Fighters’ debut album. While it’s a good track, it lacks the band’s trademark big chorus and instead focuses on use of a hook. Following the first two big chorus tracks causes ‘Scream’ to be overshadowed. But ‘Tantrum’ wins us back, opening with attention-grabbing feedback before pummelling you with a Velvet Revolver-esque riff that inspires moshpits everywhere from festivals to bedrooms.

It’s a consistently good EP, with big choruses and all-out mosh moments. Jekyll are on to big things, and this EP doesn’t just show you that but it forces it onto you. It’s a bold statement from a band that couldn’t have asked for a better start.

You can stream the EP, in full, below.


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