Video: Blur/Genesis Elijah – ‘Good Song (Bootleg Remix)’

If you ever hear the term “inoffensive rap”, the first thing so many people do is think of Will Smith. And the next thing they do is either laugh or gag. Well Genesis Elijah has changed things up, producing some inoffensive rap that you wouldn’t be ashamed to listen to.

In his bootleg remix of Blur’s ‘Good Song’, Elijah raps knowingly about growing up and adapting to a family lifestyle. Throw in a video featuring Elijah and his two children, and it’s definitely quite a heartwarming music video for everyone to enjoy. But don’t expect Elijah to have completely softened up and settled down – there are moments where it’s overtly implied that he is more than capable of spitting venom. But here we just have Blur’s instrumentation and mellow chorus alongside the rap’s gentleĀ message, making for some feel-good summer vibes.

It’s pretty chill. Check it out.


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