Video// Jekyll returns in dramatic fashion

Indie-alternative outfit has returned, and it hasn’t lost its sense of atmosphere.

Jekyll | Indie-alternative band | Listen Jekyll Plan A

It feels like a lifetime since we last covered Jekyll. The indie-alternative outfit captured our hearts from its first ever single, largely due to the band’s knack for creating atmospheric tension through intense guitars juxtaposed with melodic, vulnerable vocals.

After all this time, Plan A shows that the band is still as remarkable today as it was when it came bursting onto the scene in 2014. While the video itself is a standard performance piece, the music is captivating and powerful. The lead guitar hook is equal parts mesmerising and cataclysmic, with the picked half hypnotising listeners before the chord segment shatters the calm.

This effectively serves as a condensed version of Jekll’s sound, balancing reserved verses with impactful choruses and proving the band as masters of the quiet-loud dynamic. But it’s the constantly propelled sense of urgency and dramaticism that really makes the song essential listening; Jekyll has a strange way of manipulating time and making a song clocking in at just under four minutes feel like a life-changing, seven-minute epic voyage – and that’s certainly no bad thing.

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