Video// Sigrid in Stranger Things’ Hawkins?

New video for High Five has more than a passing similarity with Stranger Things.

Sigrid | Sigrid High Five video | High Five music video

I’m not sure whether it’s the scene on bicycles, some of the darker evening shots or the fact that the singer herself looks a little like a grown up version of Max, but Sigrid‘s latest video feels a lot like a Stranger Things homage.

The video, for the radio-breaking pop excellence of High Five from Sigrid’s recent Raw EP, catches Sigrid being her usual highly energetic and excitable self. Taking place across school gymnasiums, pitches, wooded areas and dark streets on bicycles, the video seems to show the carefree and high on life Sigrid disrupting the normality of a place strangely similar to Stranger Things’ town of Hawkins.

Besides that, it’s the typical Sigrid experience: stripped back to basics, with an authentic and carefree feeling of enjoyment. Sigrid continues to stamp her unique back-to-basics pop aesthetic on her art, and it still feels fresh.

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