Listen// BAYNK is building hype

New electronic tracks lay the groundwork for upcoming EP.

BAYNK new single | Listen BAYNK Years | BAYNK Be In Love stream

New Zealand producer and songwriter BAYNK has released a brand new double A-side single, Be In Love</strong? and Years, and it’s a powerful example of hype-building done right. Both of these solid tracks are not only strong in their own respective rights, but also serve to lay the groundwork for an upcoming US tour and a new EP that is expected later this year.

His first new material since the late 2017 release of his debut Someone’s EP, the double A-side is a return to top form for BAYNK. Both tracks showcase the sultry, subtle intricacies of his production and songcraft that have earned him a well-deserved slot as a top artist to watch in 2018.

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