Playlist// The best tracks of May 2017

An emotional heavy hitter, some sultry future R&B and much more.

Joey Genetti – Human
While it begins with Genetti’s reverb-soaked vocals in isolation, Human soon shifts into an expertly layered composition that buzzes with an emotional authenticity and soulful energy.

If you can handle it, read the premiere here.


Blonde Roses – Anymore
Imbued with the spirit of classic southern rock, the track is built predominately around a creeping guitar riff that merges blistering rock attitude with an oddly funky rhythm.

Read the full feature here.


Kids On Bridges – Just Because You Can
A perfect blend of Two Door Cinema Club-inspired guitars and Get Lucky-era Daft Punk rhythms, brought together into a structure that is designed for indie dance playlists. The chorus alone confirms this.

Read the full feature here.


Febueder – Shapeshifter
Undoubtedly one of the most unique songs of 2017 to date. The track takes what an indie-pop song should sound like and reshapes it into an amalgamation of funk-pop, experimentalism and indie. Unusual, but unusually captivating.

Watch the music video here.


DiRTY RADiO – Champagne Bubbles

The ultimate future R&B track. Propelled by a twisted trap beat and a lethargic, disinterested vocal that is unavoidably hypnotising, this is instantly memorable.

Read the full feature here.


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