Listen// Cool and confident future R&B

DiRTY RADiO  hypnotise with cool new single.

DiRTY RADiO has been garnering a lot of interest in recent years, with a sound that seems to be evolving with each release. With new single Champagne Bubbles, it seems that the evolution has reached a point of perfection where it cannot progress any further. It is the ultimate future R&B track.

Propelled lazily by a twisted trap beat and a vocal delivered in a lethargic and disinterested monotone that is unavoidably hypnotising, the track is instantly memorable. In fact, even one listen is enough for this track to become your mental soundtrack for the remainder of the day.

This is testament to the track’s power. Individually, each aspect of the song is nothing special — a dampened drum sound, an electronic groove, a sultry R&B vocal and a simple, repetitive hook. But these simple components are combined so seamlessly that it becomes a slice of modern R&B perfection.

Prepare to hear this in clubs around the country (and your own head) for months to come — especially since it’s a free download.

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