Premiere// Joey Genetti – Human

It’s been a long, long time since pop felt this vulnerable.

Joey Genetti drops new single Human - premiere

Joey Genetti is a man on a mission, and his mission is to put some authenticity and feeling back into pop music. The latest weapon of mass persuasion in his arsenal is the brooding pop single Human, a track that strips Genetti to his emotional core for a strong musical admission of weakness.

To truly capture the personal vulnerability of the piece, the main component of the track is Genetti’s voice itself. Yet while it begins with Genettiā€™s reverb-soaked vocals in isolation, Human soon shifts into an expertly layered composition that buzzes with an emotional authenticity and soulful energy. Every stab of the synths and beat of the drum feels entangled in raw emotion, which is probably the by-product of Genetti being active in producing the single.

It’s a hard-hitting listen, emotionally and musically, but one that cements Genetti’s position as the person who could bring feeling back into contemporary pop.

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