Watch// Hook-laden post-pop

Tove Styrke drops video for latest post-pop hit.

Tove Styrke releases official music video to recent single Say My Name

Tove Styrke has been one of Sweden’s most popular exports in recent years, carving a strong following for herself and garnering praise from some of modern pop’s leading figures. In fact, just one listen to latest single Say My Name proves why everybody is doing just that.

The song essentially summarises everything strong about Styrke. Predominately, this is her unique ability to take the classic elements of a hit pop song – infectious melodies, singalong choruses and memorable hooks – and apply enough restraint to it that it feels cool, calculated and measured. Say My Name turns the classic pop staple of the quiet-loud dynamic on its head, and it’s a masterclass in why this is important.

Of the video, which is characterised by its bright and bold aesthetic, Styrke said “I wanted the video to be colourful, crisp and simple, just like the song. My idea was to use mirrors as a metaphor for self-appreciation or self-love. Say My Name is sung directly to someone, but there’s also a more personal vibe; being completely comfortable with yourself and staying true to your own feelings.

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