Listen// Indie-funk that really pops

New single from Kids On Bridges is a feelgood indie funkfest.

Indie music has really been coming along nicely in recent years. The rise of funk in pop music has driven a piqued interest from many indie artists, who have adopted the style and produced tracks that have revitalised indie discos around the world.

Few tracks exemplify this as well as Just Because You Can, the latest offering from Liverpool trio Kids On Bridges. The single is a perfect blend of Two Door Cinema Club-inspired guitars and Get Lucky-era Daft Punk rhythms, brought together into a structure that is designed for indie dance playlists. The chorus alone confirms this, with a strong focus on repetition to provide a hook that is as mesmerising as it is memorable, while potentially coming off as a bit too repetitive for some singalongs.

Though it’s unlikely that this will deter Kids On Bridges. In many ways, to singalong to JBYC is to completely misunderstand the track – it is designed to deliver a moment of euphoric release, in a way that only modern funked up indie can manage. The end result is the perfect track to summarise indie in 2017.

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