Premiere// Darth & Vader x Cruel Youth

Brazilian edm duo puts a house spin on Cruel Youth track.

EDM duo Darth & Vader remix Cruel Youth's Alexis Texas - premiere

Cruel Youth is one of those bands that really puts you in a moral dilemma. On one hand, the outfit consists of two of modern music’s most universally reviled couples. On the other hand, they’ve got one hell of an ear for a solid pop melody. As such, listening to tracks such as Alexis Texas is effectively the same as experiencing a musical crymax; it’s great, but you still feel a little bit dirty for enjoying it so much.

So, thank the lord for Darth & Vader. The Brazilian EDM duo has dropped a house-inspired remix of Cruel Youth’s aforementioned Alexis Texas and it removes the guilt from the pleasure. While keeping in all the strange vocal sounds and oddly surreal vibes of the original, the duo expertly manages to take the sexually charged vocal and lie it down atop silky smooth beats, dissipating clouds of synth melody and an infectious house rhythm.

Take a listen below to what is undoubtedly one of the strongest surreal house tracks of 2017.

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