Listen: FEiN relief from melancholy

Alternative outfit take sombre approach to new single.


FEiN is funloving. This is evident both from the band’s interviews and the upbeat funk of recent single The Disco. However, the fun couldn’t last forever and it seems that the band has taken a turn for the sombre with latest single It’s Alright.

It’s not that this is the first time FEiN has tackled darker or more serious topics. The first track we heard from the outfit, Sculptor, certainly captured the darker side of aesthetic obsession. Yet It’s Alright feels like a song heavily rooted and weighed down by the sadness of betrayal. Lyrically, the song is of course an attempt at addressing and alleviating those negative emotions, but the tonality of the track is insistently sour.

This latest offering carries the usual charming deliveries, infectious instrumentation and hypnotic vocalwork that makes FEiN such a captivating outfit. Yet there is a darker feeling that can’t be shaken. It’s an attempt to ease the world’s sadness while feigning mastery of your own – good to hear, but slightly unsettling.

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