Listen: FEiN get funked up for 2017

Alternative outfit teams up with Mike Fünk for fast-paced disco throwback.


FEiN seemed to disappear after dropping its debut album Little Homes last year. In the run-up, the band had been prolific in its output – from a killer single to a taster EP and a phenomenal collaboration with Christofi. Yet since dropping the brilliant album, the band has withdrawn from the public eye and ear.

So it’s fitting that, now the band has returned, it’s with a collaboration that arguably overshadows most of the band’s album. Teaming up with Mike Fünk, FEiN has dropped The Disco – a song with a style that doesn’t really need explaining. Combining traditional disco melodies and structures with contemporary funk guitars and a fiercely frantic tempo, the track bears a lot of resemblances with FEiN’s Christofi collaboration.

However, where this track stands apart from previous collaborations is in its self-aware depreciation. If FEiN has proven one thing, it is that it has a marvellous penchant for witty lyricisms and The Disco is no exception. While the funked up sound has become more popular in recent years, disco is ultimately a dated concept. FEiN has no trouble in pointing out the strange social juxtaposition that is the disco revival, while making it all as enjoyable as possible.

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