FEiN – Sculptor

Hip hop meets alt-rock with surprisingly good outcomes.

FEiN have just dropped the huge new single Sculptor, a track that boldly bridges a void between strange, almost hip-hop sounds and a maelstrom of guitar-driven alt-rock. All without sounding like an awkward patchwork of sounds cobbled together in the right side of Frankenstein’s mind.

Opening with a grippingly dramatic and haunting string of melody, the plodding electronic sounds of the track give a solid hip hop vibe that some may dismiss as being typical of the genre. But consistently, even before the stomping evolution of the track, there is a rough edge; something in the vocal that feels out of place with the atmospheric opening. If you weren’t aware that it was going to erupt in a mass of overdriven guitars, you’d still figure out that things were going to get intense.

This ability to seamlessly and effortlessly two genres that are at odds with one another into a track that glows with a consistently enjoyable sound from start to finish is incredibly rare. Few bands in general can manage to do this, let alone emerging ones still finding their footing. Shifting sounds like this make for a future that could extend for years for FEiN.

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