Michl – When You Loved Me Least

Hauntingly soulful hip-pop.

Tender vocals have never sounded more chilling or haunting than they do on Michl‘s newest single When You Loved Me Least, a track of soulful hip-pop that sends both chills and shivers down the spine.

A feeling of tension runs from start to finish, from every minimalistic verse to every bass drop, allowing room for Michl’s stunning vocals to dominate the mix and bring with them a rollercoaster of tonality with strong melodies. In essence, the track is all about those vocals – the fat synth swells are just padding to fill in the expanse that the vocals don’t reach. The outcome is a killer track that is the perfect follow up to the well-received previous single Kill Our Way To Heaven, succeeding to create a radio-ready sound in spite of the emotional torment of the vocals.

The single will be out soon, but good luck finding out exactly when – Michl seems to be a very reserved artist and shares little. We’ll keep you posted – it’s definitely not one to miss.

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