Rhythm District – Your Loss

Could this be the EDM album of the year?

It shouldn’t really need stating that pop-slanted EDM should typically be pretty engulfing in a positive way. Nobody wants to find themselves sobbing while they let loose to a beat, so it should be uplifting as standard. Don’t get me wrong; it would be bland and two-dimensional if an artist’s catalogue was exclusively feel-good hits. But with the context of most EDM artists, it’s surprising how many embrace the melancholy and sweep people up in a salty sea of tears.

This is why Rhythm District‘s Your Loss is absolutely killer. It has the variation that makes their brand of EDM interesting, while for the most part having the captivating beats and sweeping synths that uplift you and carry you away in a haze of hypnotic movement. The album is expertly crafted, from the scene-setting title track to the bass-driven and funky Unspoken, to show that EDM can be varied without sacrificing catchiness and engagement.

As such, there is few words that can do justice to how good the album is. From start to finish it is enjoyable and never once begins to feel stale or stagnant; it’s constantly fresh and eternally enjoyable. This probably has something to do with the large cast of vocalists who contribute to the release; the velvet smooth yet oddly smokey vocals of Jessy Allen form the hooks of the album’s finest moments, while it would be criminal not to mention the cheery vocalwork of Linford Hydes and the seductively passionate deliveries of Rachel Collier. The duo have managed to put together a mighty ensemble of talented artists to take their beautiful beats and rousing rhythms to brand new highs.

Ultimately, that’s the strength of this album and Rhythm District as an outfit in general. Being a talented producer is one thing, but being able to choose the right vocalists to make your music realise its true potential is a skill that many lack. Your Loss has no moments that are anything less than flawlessly engineered to create an immersive club experience in the comfort of your ears. This is pure EDM hook heaven, a serious contender for album of the year, and an undisputable win for Rhythm District.

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