The Clause – Shut Me Out

The first single from The Clause shows the harsher side of Indie.

First singles are always difficult, particularly for an indie band: how do you manage to take a genre full of many people just like you and make something different of it?

Well, in those situations where something different doesn’t present itself, the next best thing to do is to just make a song that kicks so much ass it can’t help but be respected and enjoyed. That is what The Clause have done on their debut single Shut Me Out, a track punctuated with searing guitars and a vocal that is rough but refined enough to not sound like a bad demo. This roughness gives it an in-built attitude that presents itself as confident swagger, particularly atop rumbling drum rhythms.

The end result of this coming together of indie-rock’s harsher sounds is a track that feels a little bit Kings Of Leon and a little bit like this band should be watched intently for their next release.

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