A proposal of drunken proportions

Christofi & FEiN’s latest banger is a funky testament to one too many drinks in a club.

Love at first sight is a beautiful thing. However, love at first pint doesn’t quite have the same effect. For everyone who has ever drank too much, said too much, or done too much, Christofi and FEiN allow you to re-live that horrific drunken thought process on new single Marry You On The Dance Floor.

Obviously, your impression of the track will be dependent on how many drunken nights you’ve spent in a club. Too few and this becomes a lovely little ode to spontaneous love set to electro-funky, almost Daft Punk-esque instrumentation. Too many nights, however, and you find yourself cringing or, worse, cry dancing to the beat and rhythm of this as you replay the regret over in your head.

Honestly though, it’s very refreshing for a track to capture a drunken thought process so perfectly while also remaining coherent and with such infectious hooks in tow. It’s simultaneously the best and worst way to prepare for a night out, depending entirely on your perspective.

You can listen to track below, or download it for free from Christofi’s soundcloud page.

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