LOYAL – House For You

The most melancholy house track of the week.

On a chilled wave of distilled synths, LOYAL are back with their second single House For You.

In case the title didn’t provide enough of a hint, the single is a solid house number with an atmospheric approach to instrumentation. It’s not often that you find a house track which has elongated strings creating a sense of tension to build with a melancholy vibe, but this is no ordinary house track. It’s one that revels in a sultry vocal that tells of a wholehearted devotion which is tearing the narrator apart internally, using the heartbreak to create something wonderful.

It’s a testament to the magic of production that this song, which captures a heartbreaking sense of pleading desperation in a lyric that is semantically neutral, manages to evoke an urge to move and enjoy it. It’s the saddest song you’ll adore on first lesson, building up instrumentation to conceal any overt sense of sadness or melancholy. It doesn’t immediately strike as anything more than a house track, but that is purely a loss to the untrained ear.

Of course, there’s more than just a vocal that makes this fantastic. The heavy bass rumble and push propells the song forward while the knocking guitars, click tracks and smooth key sections all come together to form a brilliant type of faux-happiness that creates an infectious euphoria. This is how you make house more interesting than the typical, run-of-the-mill vibes that new artists try to churn out or emulate. This is something with depth and that, in itself, makes this worthy of a play.

House For You is released in February. Keep an eye out for it by following the band on Soundcloud.

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